fuck Romeo and Juliet
they suffered for three days
but us?
what about us?
how long have I been carrying
you around in the shadows of my
skin like some dark secret
how long have you been telling
your family that you’ll find a girl
meanwhile your fingers are crossed
under the table
your lips curled tightly
around my name
trying to keep it from falling
out onto the table
I want to eat dinner with you
I want to remember what the
truth tastes like coming out of
my mouth when I tell my parents
where I’m going
It shouldn’t be this way
It shouldn’t be this hard
since when is love so heavy?
since when does it look different
when my parents wear it?
since when is it something
we are not allowed to have?
When I read Romeo and Juliet
for the first time, I cried so hard
I tasted saltwater for a week
Shakespeare had no idea
about us
I want to love you loudly
I want to hear what your name
sounds like
echoing through the walls
of my house
I want to see you sleepy-eyed in bed
with me
I want to eat breakfast with you
at my kitchen table
and watch the news with
my parents
since when is love something
that has to exist in two different
since when is love the reason I
can’t look anyone in the eye?
Caitlyn Siehl | Forbidden (via alonesomes)